Edwina helps women and audiences overcome adversity and let go of control to experience success and joy even during suffering.

Learn about her inspired action and lasting impact on the Speaking Page: Edwina doesn’t just motivate; she empowers. Through compelling storytelling, real-world experiences, and actionable insights, she inspires audiences to turn adversity (from life or business) into "NOISE" - her acronym for a Narrative Of Inspiration, Strength and Encouragement.

Meet Edwina

Edwina Adams is an author, speaker, thought leader and an encourager with a wide range of life experiences. Edwina's been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. She is also a military veteran, a retired paramedic, as well as a wife and mother.

Edwina has authored three e-books that helped grow a new and emerging industry in America. She is also set to have her first published book out June 2024. Edwina never wants to be the smartest person in the room and loves to meet new people and learn from others. She also enjoys painting and adores cool shoes.

She enjoys painting and adores cool shoes.​Edwina found herself in the category of online personality and moved into the role of podcast host, hosting her own show, “Let’s Makes Some Noise!" As a young child, Edwina Adams was quiet by nature. She would whisper when speaking. In boot camp, she was thrashed for not yelling loud enough. But when she discovered her ex-husband was a con man she started to make noise. Proving…you don’t have to be loud to make some noise!

Now Edwina's on a mission to motivate.

"I don't want a spotlight.

I want to be a lighthouse."

- Edwina Adams

What Edwina Offers


For your next event, book an encouraging, motivating speaker - your audiences will appreciate the female perspective.

Edwina Adams Author


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Let's Make Some Noise Podcast with Edwina Adams


A fun, motivation and encouraging podcast that showcases stories of adversity turned into positive NOISE. Edwina's acronym for a Narrative Of Inpiration, Stregth, and Ecnouragement


EMIE stands for Edwina Makes It Easy. With her over 15 years of entreprnurial experience and years of consulting on the side, she has now opened up select time to work one-on-one with you.

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Her entrepreneurial mindset caught my eye and I asked her to come talk to my clients. She nailed it. But her story of what happened in her life was even more incredible than I could have imagined. When you leave room for God to work His magic in your life it never disappoints.

Gretchen Gegg

Edwina was a hit at our annual conference. Her unique background gives her an ability to connect with so many and her vulnerability makes her approachable and fun to listen to and learn from.


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