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Author Q & A

Dare To Dream Big is an Anthology. What does that mean?

An anthology is a collection of literary pieces by various different authors. I am honored to be a part of this anthology that includes six other extraordinary women. Our stories are complimentary and I love that we are each echoing hope and encouragement to all who will read Dare To Dream Big.

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What inspired you to write this book, and how does it reflect your personal journey or experiences?

In Dare To Dream Big I specifically wrote about "Becoming a NOISE-maker" because NOISE is my acronym for a Narrative Of Inspiration, Strength and Encouragement. This message was already on my heart due to a near death experience and other adversity I wrote about, but just prior to being invited into this Anthology I had been hospitalized with heart failure for a second time. I asked God, "how can I share this message when I'm sick again?" and I felt like He told me "Your message will be even stronger". I literally lived out being a NOISE-maker again while writing this book and my message IS stronger. NOISE is not just a word to me, it's a movement and I want others to know how they too can become a NOISE-maker! I wrote this book while my heart was only functioning at 18% and while having to wear a defibrillator LifeVest™️. I continued to dare to dream big and I continued to make NOISE. (picture is of me and my two children, December 22, 2023 when hospitalized with heart failure)

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How do you hope your readers will be transformed or impacted after reading your book?

My hope is that readers will have just that - Hope. Adversity is bound to happen in life and I believe adversity is our greatest asset. If adversity is going to happen, no matter what, then let's know how to turn it into positive NOISE. I want the readers to know how not to lie down in defeat when it gets too hard and I don't want them to use toxic positivity. There is a better way. A way that works and it's real. If my vulnerability helps them understand this, then I feel like my adversity was worth it.

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  • Dare To Dream Big: Scaling, Innovation and Success in Entrepreneurship is an anthology of seven amazing women who wrote about their journeys, daring to dream big.

  • Discover how to rise above adversity and turn it into positive NOISE—Edwina's acronym for a of Narrative Of Inspiration, Strength, and Encouragement.

  • Gain a fresh perspective of life and adversities from a woman's point of view, infused with inspiration and empowerment.

  • Let Edwina's uplifting narrative propel you towards your big dreams in spite of your adversity.

  • Don't miss your chance to embark on this transformative journey. Pre-order your copy now and dare to dream big!

Meet Edwina

Edwina Adams is an encourager with a wide range of life experiences. She has been an entrepreneur for nearly two decades who is also a military veteran, a retired paramedic, as well as a wife and a mother who adores cool shoes.

Now, an Author, Keynote Speaker, and Podcast Host of Let's Make Some Noise, Edwina Adams joined six authors and wrote Dare To Dream Big : Scaling, Innovation & Success in Entrepreneurship.

Edwina has thrived after many trials including her first marriage to a con-man, coming near death due to a health crisis and enduring countless set backs in business. She began making noise and dubbed her form of NOISE as a Narrative Of Inspiration, Strength, and Encouragement. Edwina's hope for this book is to inspire others to become NOISE-makers too.

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