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Dare To Dream Big:

Become a NOISE-maker

Step into the realm of limitless possibilities with DARE TO DREAM BIG and Become A NOISE-maker

Discover how to rise above adversities and Become A NOISE-maker—an embodiment of Narrative Of Inspiration, Strength, and Encouragement.

Gain a fresh perspective of life and adversities from a woman's point of view, infused with inspiration and empowerment.

Let Edwina's uplifting narrative propel you towards your big dreams in spite of adversities.

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Become a NOISE-maker is Ideal for:

✔️Trailblazers ready to transform adversity into rocket fuel for success

✔️Conference-goers eager to be inspired by Edwina's engaging talks

✔️Anyone craving a surge of encouragement to triumph over challenges

Meet Edwina

Edwina Adams is an encourager with a wide range of life experiences. She has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and is a military veteran, a retired paramedic, as well as a wife and mother who adores cool shoes.

Now, an Author, Keynote Speaker, and Podcast Host of Let's Make Some Noise, Edwina Adams wrote Dare To Dream Big: Become a NOISE-maker after allowing vulnerability to take her to new places.

Edwina has thrived after many trials including her first marriage to a con-man, coming near death due to a health crisis and enduring countless set backs in business. She began making noise and dubbed her form of NOISE as a Narrative Of Inspiration, Strength, and Encouragement. Edwina's hope for this book is to inspire others to become NOISE-makers too.

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