The Let's Make Some Noise Podcast is about turning your adversity into positive NOISE. NOSE is the host, Edwina Adams, acronym for a Narrative of Inspiration, Strength, and Encouragement.

As a young child, Edwina was quiet by nature. She would whisper when speaking. In boot camp, she was thrashed for not yelling loud enough. But when she discovered her ex-husband was a con man she started to make noise. Proving…you don’t have to be loud to make some noise!

Now Edwina's on a mission to motivate. So kick back and tune in to her candid conversations with others who have harnessed the power of their voices.

Each episode of "Let’s Make Some Noise!" features individuals who have turned their adversity into positive NOISE and emerged with their own Narrative Of Inspiration, Strength, and Encouragement.

The host engages in candid conversations with guests from diverse backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, artists, and ordinary individuals who have achieved extraordinary things.

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